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Santoku knife "turnd"
Santoku knife "turnd"
Santoku knife "turnd"

Cooking knife „turnd“

antirust cutlery steel | 335 x 50 x 25mm | 190 g

Our awardwinning „turnd“ is a cooking knife with a twisted handle designed for right-handers and a blade shape leaned from the japanese Santoku knife. 

The turn supports an intuitive handle on the knife and aids the transmission of force onto the blade.   

The knife is produced from only one piece of steel providing a comfortable weight and making it easy to clean and maintain. 


„turnd“ has a wide blade to create space for the right hand and to be able to stabilise it with the left hand while cutting. The focal point lies behind the edge within the handle and ensures an effortless use of the knife. Contrasting the curved edges from handle to blade, both ends of the knife are nearly sharp cut and underline the knifes character.


Awarded with the Bayerischen Staatspreis 2018 as part of the international craft fair in Munich.  



Part of a small-scale production series.

The Kickstarter campaign is online and runs till the 5th of Ap. 


Detail santoku knife "turnd"